Amazing doctor!!!
Writing this review 1 1/2 years after my surgery.
Great experience from beginning to end.
Replacement of three cervicales disks. Painless right after surgery. Caring and good bedside manners. Kevin, his assistant, was like my angel, always available to answer my questions, replied to my emails ASAP.
I highly recommend them both.

Apr 15, 2019

Dr. Kim first off…THANK YOU!! I had been suffering with back pain after a microdiscectomy done by another surgeon. Everyone said I was too young for a fusion. The lumbar artificial disc replacement that you recommended is working great! I can’t believe I wasn’t in a brace after surgery and that I am back to light working out at a month and a half!! More patients need to hear how life changing your surgery can be!! Thank you so much!

Apr 06, 2019

I had spent several years dealing with my neck pain and problems. Dr. Kim did a cervical disc replacement on my C56. He has changed my life. My pain is gone and i now look forward to resuming my normal life. He is a kind and skilled surgeon. His office people are very nice. An overall great memory!!

Dec 15, 2018

I’m very fortunate to have a great surgeon in Dr. Kim with an equally great ‘bedside manner.’ I’ve had 7 back surgeries; 3 were performed by Dr. Kim — I’ve never had better care. Dr. Kim takes time to discuss my symptoms & concerns and address my needs. I appreciate that Dr. Kim will exhaust non- surgical alternatives to surgery if any are possible. But what truly makes a huge difference in his care is that Dr. Kim communicates well, using non-medical analogies, so that I can better understand what is happening in my body and what I can expect from the recommended treatment or tests. Dr. Kim’s staff is great. Yes, once or twice I’ve had a longer wait due to an emergency; after all, he is a surgeon. But I’ve never had him rush through my appointment to make up lost time. Dr. Kim remains focused on me during my appointment. I’ve never felt that I was dismissed or that the doctor was disengaged.

I’m pleased to recommend Dr. Kim without any hesitation.

-B.M. in Upland, CA | Dec 4, 2018

Dr. Kim how do I put into words my gratitude for what you have done for me? it has been now over 3 months and I hiked up to the Hollywood sign this weekend and–for the first time I am pain free! Thank you! HM

Nov 11, 2018

Dr. Kim saved my life! I went to see him from a friend he had done surgey on. I had severe neck pain, arm pain and couldn’t move my arm. He reviewed the MRI with me in clinic and found the disc herniation that was missed by all the previous spine surgeons!!! I had a cervical disc replacement surgery and immediately my arm was better and back to normal!! I am now 2+ years out from surgery. I think about him and how kind he was, how he took good care of me, and his office was awesome!

He is VERY busy and I waited a long time in his clinic…there were like a million people waiting to see him. He operated on Josh Flagg!! but I have to say that he is truly the best surgeon in Los Angeles. Thank you for being you, Dr. Kim!!

M.S. | Nov 10, 2018

13 weeks post 3 level laminotomy for cauda equina syndrome and I have never felt better! Off all pain meds and having the time of my life! Thank you so very much! You were the only one who read the MRI and gave me my life back. Have so loved kayaking with my grandchildren and my wife, and now we are watching the colors change on the lake. The weather is chilly but I so enjoy tinkering on our new home, gingerly driving the quad over the 3.5 acres of beautiful trees and lake views, and feeling like I can take on the world for the first time in a very long time. I am so blessed to have had you in my life to give me joy again. I thank God for you. Know that I am careful in all I do, but I have purpose in life again.

Many blessings.

-L.G. | Oct 4, 2018

I came to the US to see Dr. Kim. He surgeried my mother successfully and I was eager to greet. He performed a lumbar disc replacement and cervical fusion for my back and neck. I am one year away. He did a fantastic job. I am pain free, working, loving travel and owe my life to him!! Hartelijk bedankt, Doctor Kim!!

Sept 7, 2018

I had a cervical disc replacement with Dr. Kim. I am now 3 months from surgery and doing great. He has released me to do anything I want. I am going surfing and working out again. Thank you Dr. Kim! !

Sept 6, 2018

Dr. Kim is a great surgeon and a wonderful person. Thanks to him I am pain free for the first time in my life. He performed a double fusion in my lower back (I´m the proud owner of 13 screws and a plate), and after the long recovery which he warned be about, my back is straighter and a hump that I had disappeared . One of the things that impressed me was how well liked he is by his staff and the surgical team. It was the first time that I had nurses and anesthesiologists tell me how lucky I was for having such doctor operating on me.
He is very friendly, kind and pays attention to what you have to say. His assistant Ricardo is also great. As a matter of fact everybody at his office are very good. I am a very fortunate person for having him as my doctor.

-N.F. in Tehachapi, CA | Aug, 16, 2018

When I was referred to Dr. Terrence Kim I had literally lost my ability to walk without excruciating pain. I had almost lost hope of ever walking normally again
Dr. Kim was quickly able to analyze the back problem and recommended surgery. His calm thoughtful demeanor put me at ease and within a week he had me on the operating table at Cedar Sinai. His surgical skill with the support of his outstanding team literally resulted in my waking up hours after the operation, groggy but realizing the pain was completely alleviated. It felt almost miraculous; With his post op his direction of do’s and dont’s and support of his team I was able to return to work feeling not only physically better but emotionally at ease. He is a wonderful Orthopedic surgeon and a caring individual. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a complicated surgery in his field of Orthopedics

-J.F. in Los Angeles, CA | Jul 17, 2018

I would place the Super Star points onto DR. TERRENCE KIM. A man of few words, an expert in his field, knows what he is doing, and delivers. I have the utmost confidence in him. Overall, the Spine Center is a well oiled machine that says: “Welcome, how can we serve you?” The text messages are welcomed to remind us of upcoming appointments and “Thank you’s” for visiting. It’s a nice touch, and we don’t have to play phone tag for leaving messages. Saves on manpower too.

Thank you for listening and letting me pay homage to some of your exceptional people.

– L.J. in Los Angeles, CA | May 30, 2018

Mar 25, 2018

Dr. Kim is the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles!!!!! I had surgery with him for an excruciating dis herniation. He did my surgery at an outpatient center and i was home the same day! Immediately nonpain in the leg and i haven’t looked back since!!! Would recommend him highly to all!

Mar 10, 2018

Dr. Kim operated on my neck for a severely painful herniated disc. I was crippled before. I am now pain free. I see that he has long wait times and lots of patients that are trying to see him. I would tell all of you that he is absolutely worth it!!!!

Feb 28, 2018

Feb 23, 2018

Dr Kim is the best. He preformed a miracle on me. I went from chronic pain to infrequent pain. I was on the verge of paralysis to off-roading on an ATV six months later. Dr Kim spoke to me in terms that I could understand. I would recommend him, because I trust him with my life

-S.F. in San Pedro, CA | Jan 28, 2018

Being a referral patient coming from overseas, I was basically assigned to Dr. Terrence Kim, I was told that he is the best in his field. I read everything I could find on him and I was very impressed with his experience and accomplishments. I had no doubt that he is a First Class Doctor. After meeting Dr. Kim, I believed he was the right doctor for me. He is very professional and extremely intelligent. I appreciate how thorough he is, educating me on the before and after surgery things I needed to know. He listened, understood and addressed my concerns. He is a very caring and kind man.

The most amazing thing about my surgery and I am so thankful for was that I did not experience any pain at all related to the surgery! While I was in the hospital, the doctors and nurses kept asking me about my pain level, but I just kept telling them that I was not feeling any pain! It’s been 3 months since surgery and not once did I ever have to take pain meds! It’s been an amazing recovery, smooth and quick! Dr. Kim did an incredible job with my incision and suture. He is so meticulous, he did my incision right at neck my skin fold. It’s barely even noticeable. I had many complements from other doctors on how great of a job Dr. Kim did.

Dr. Kim’s office staff is very efficient, friendly and very helpful. I love how we can communicate via email and I always get a quick response, and it feels personal because now I know the staff who responds to my emails. My overall experience with Dr. Terrence Kim and his team is nothing less than a Blessing from God! I have been and will proudly continue to recommend Dr. Kim and his office!

J.A. in Guam | Oct 23, 2017

Dr Kim is an especially gifted surgeon who truly cares about each of his patients. He recently performed both neck and back surgery on my wife with miraculous results. He literally gave her life back to her. Dr Kim is highly recommended.

Aug 17, 2017

Dr. Kim is great. He has a great combination of being smart and has a wonderful personality. I am recovering from surgery with him now and am very pleased with his care.

May 21, 2017

Dr. Kim was referred to me because my back was so bad and hurt a lot from sciatica pain and was said to be the best for me. My first visit with Dr. Kim was such wonderful advice that it really helped me to decide on him. The day of surgery they explained everything thoroughly. They kept my wife well informed throughout the whole procedure. Called her hourly to explain what was happening and what was next. The day after surgery was very good care and no pain!! Dr. Kim came in that day and was so nice and informative to me. I went home after two days. What a great doctor and I recommended him to several people and they have gone to see him also. Great people and staff. Ricardo, his assistant is so patient and knowledgeable also.

-R.F in Ventura, VA | Mar 21, 2017

I could easily and truthfully say “one day I was in horrific pain, and then after the amount of time he spent operating later plus a few weeks for recovery, I was not in any pain. One day I couldn’t walk without my legs buckling under me and then the next day I could.” Dr. Kim is extremely kind, and a genius at what he does, his office managers Ricardo Ledesma and Nicole Lum, were there for me every time I called and at the beginning I would “kvetch.” It’s important that doctors have a good personal staff in his office because they represent the kind of treatment to expect, and Ricardo and Nicole were wonderful to me. They were very patient with me and made this a real difference in my attitude toward getting well. I would also love to see the joy on Dr. Kim’s face when he saw me walk a straight line – it was infections. And so, my story so far is a happy one.

-P.D. in West Hollywood, CA | Mar 12, 2017

Dr Kim did a total disc replacement for me of my cervical spine after a car accident. He and his staff are incredible. The surgery was easy, his bedside manner is amazing and his care is genuine! I was very concerned about the surgery, he spent a Li of time explaining everything both before, during and after surgery. In the hospital he spent lots of time with myself and my family and answered all questions to ensure we were comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Kim

-G.G. in Los Angeles, CA | Mar 09, 2017

Dr Kim is hands down the best orthopedic surgeon in LA. I saw him to have a total cervical disc replacement done after a car accident. He was thorough with his explanation of my injury and how to treat it. He spent ample time to ensure we understood our options. His genuine care and bedside manner is unique in a great surgeon. He genuinely cares about his patients and is a truly great doctor. If you need spine surgery done in CA you need to see Dr Kim!

Mar 8, 2017

Dr Kim is hands down the best spine surgeon in Los Angeles! I had second opinions from several other doctors, but chose Dr. Kim. Not only is he extremely warm, kind, and caring, but his bedside manner was fantastic and he treated me with exceptional care. His office staff (Ricardo and Nicole and Stacy) were extremely responsive and took care of me with all my work and scheduling issues. Now that my neck and arm pain are gone, I decided to write this to thank him and his staff. For anyone considering spine surgery, make sure to see him as a second opinion. You won’t be disappointed.

Mar 1, 2017

Dr Terrence Kim is the best Surgeon you’ll ever find. Originally I meet Dr Kim when I was searching for someone to repair a very bad spinal surgery by another Doctor. I had been fused in the wrong position and I couldn’t stand up. He did surgery and corrected the problem. Recently I had my second surgery with him. Appliances had broken from my surgery done in 1997 and I was falling to the left. Again he fixed me. I have had 7 spinal surgeries. The last 2 by Dr. Kim.

-J. in Westlake Village, CA | Feb 27, 2017

I researched and interviewed doctors for 5 years until I met Dr. Kim. His work is outstanding and he actually takes time with his patients! I needed a fusion and laminectomy . I feel like a new man….Thank you Dr. KIM!

-J.A. in Ventura, CA | Feb 15, 2017

I’m glad my request for second opinion turned out to be Dr. Kim. He didn’t rush me for surgery and explained in details about my condition. He is very patient and very careful. I’m glad Dr. Kim was the one who did my surgery. It went so well. Eventhough my body took sometime to heal and feel better. When I needed to talk to him. I got called from his associate and him-self to follow up with me. I could not me more satisfied.

-R.P. in Van Nuys, CA | Feb 09, 2017

Dr. Kim operated on my herniated disc in my back. I am now pain free and I owe it all to him. He and his staff are the best in Beverly Hills!!

Jan 27, 2017

Dr. Kim is truly one of a kind. He is an outstanding physician and I cannot express how compassionate he is to help his patients. He has the highest standard of care, explains everything throughly, and genuinely finds the best intervention for his patients. My family and I are lucky to have been treated by Dr. Kim. He has helped us unanimously in every way possible. We cannot thank him enough for his expertise, knowledge, and care. Dr. Kim’s assistant, Ricardo has always been a great help and makes sure everything is perfect. He is very sweet and caring. We truly love Dr. Kim and highly recommend him as one of the best orthopedic spine surgeons in Los Angeles.

-M.E. in Beverly Hills | Jan 11, 2017

Dr kim saved my Dad’s life. I have had too major surgeries done by him also. I have never had another doctor with his bedside matter. He treated me like family. He is a conservative doctor and never rushes into surgery. He even made me get a second opinion just to play it safe. I feel so lucky to have met this man.

-J. in Culver City, CA | Oct 29, 2016

I Came to see Dr. Kim for a consultation regarding m y spinal steosis. I was very impressed with how clearly he explained my condition and his recommendations. He is conservative in his approach and while other surgeons that I have seen told me to have a two step surgery, including a fusion, Dr. Kim felt that was not necessary at this time and told me he would recommend a lesser intensive surgery at this point. He took the time to explain his reasons for this. I was fortunate in that I saw him only about 15 minutes later than my appointment.

Nov 25, 2015

Great doctor. Would recommend him for anyone who is considering spine surgery. Will give you a great second opinion. I chose him to be my surgeon for my cervical neck fusion. I feel great and my pain is gone.

Jul 31, 2015

Dr. Kim is a professional, academic and caring physician. His extensive training is reflected in his process and results. After 2 1/2 years of being unable to walk or stand, I saw several MDs who were unable to diagnose my condition. I was referred to Dr. Kim, who patiently read my MRI reports, examined me thoroughly, explained his approach to my surgery (consisting of 2 herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and micrdecompression) and visited me daily in the hospital post surgery. I was pain free upon discharge and am walking 2 miles a day after 1 month. Dr. Kim is truly a brilliant, compassionate and superior MD. His wisdom, smile and disposition are assets towards the healing process.

May 31, 2013

Dr. Kim is a fantastic doctor and a truly good person. He did a three level fusion surgery on my neck for my neck pain, hand numbness and my balance problems. Now they are all fixed and I can’t thank him enough for giving me my life back!! Thank you doctor Kim!!

Nov 27, 2012

Dr. Kim is truly a surgeon above the rest. My friend referred me to Dr. Kim after having great results. I had severe back pain and leg pain after a previous neurosurgeon had done a microdiscectomy on me. Dr. Kim spent 30 minutes explaining my problem and told me how he would fix it. I trusted him and he came through for me. He saw me everyday in the hospital and he took great care of me. I am so happy to have had my back fixed by him and I am grateful for each day that I am now able to walk and play with my kids without severe back pain. Dr. Kim, you are the best. You are truly a caring doc and at a level above the rest!! I recommend you to anyone thinking of having spine surgery!!!!!!

Apr 15, 2011